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There’s No Place Like Home

‘A Englishman’s home is his castle’ as the saying goes (but despite James Brown not being known as a feminist, we’d obviously have to agree that a man’s world ‘is nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl’…!) But whatever the make-up of the household, one thing is clear; we love our homes. It comes […]

15 April 2021
BBB’s Iconic Cocktail Guide for February 2021

January is a time where health is at the forefront of our minds, combining New Year’s Resolutions with efforts perhaps to eat better and drink less. For those who completed Dry January, we salute you! Some people are admirably keeping it going into February and perhaps even beyond, but for those eager to get back on the […]

4 February 2021
Dry January = Delicious January

As Friday finally arrives, our minds inevitably turn to the weekend and the ‘fun’ we might have (and possibly the ‘bigger fun’ we might have had pre-lockdown!). Many of us are doing Dry January (and impressively, a fair number of people we have spoken to have stuck to it so far, and some are even planning to […]

22 January 2021
Naianna Robertson on mental health and the power of meditation

Naianna Robertsson, BSc, MSc, PhDc, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor and Founder of Neurocompatible has come to BBB to share her insights on the power of meditation and the importance of the practice in everyday life, but especially during a pandemic…. Plus a competition prize for one lucky reader below! We are living in a very strange […]

12 January 2021
Cheers to the end of the year!

Some of us had grand plans to get away this Winter, perhaps letting go of stress whilst sailing in the Bahamas, or snuggling up with someone we don’t see enough of in a chalet in Aspen. Honeymoons weren’t taken, holidays of a lifetime have been postponed and our wanderlust has had no choice but to be packed […]

22 December 2020
Private European Escapes for 2021

At BBB we pride ourselves on not only having great relationships with some of the leading hotels and travel companies in the world, but also that we have some lesser known incredible gems up our sleeves. As 2020 draws to a close and we look with hope towards the arrival of New Year, one thing […]

15 December 2020
Partner Blog – Bold & Reeves

BBB property experts Bold & Reeves wrote a blog for us about the best way to maintain your principal’s property and why they really are a PA’s best friend….. Often our first point of contact with a new client is through their PA. Typically, there’s a period of reconnaissance as they assess any existential threat to […]

12 March 2020
BBB’s Africa Recommendations

Africa is a place of rich and diverse culture and history – it’s the second largest continent in the world and boasts perhaps the world’s largest number of animals roaming freely, with everything from big cats to camels, reptiles to birds. Huge mountains, endless plains, jungle, dessert and stunning coastline, Africa has it all. It’s […]

13 February 2020
Home Away From Home

Many successful people travel a lot for work. Sometimes they travel alone, sometimes their families come too. Often their PA or other personal staff also travel a lot, accompanying and supporting the primary of getting things set up in their absence, or ahead of their arrival. To the uninitiated, this sounds very glamorous, a dazzling […]

9 January 2020