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London Events Florists To Know

By Amira Hashish Sourcing the perfect florist is an integral part of making an event pop. From tablescape arrangements to displays that double as works of art, this selection of London-based floral design studios will help elevate your special occasion… Embrace the Space This floral design studio is the creative vision of Krystal Mead who […]

25 September 2023
Spotlight Interview – Phoebe Maddrell, Lifestyle Manager

From everyday management and business administration to those complex projects that require a helping hand, Lifestyle Manager and BBB Member Phoebe Maddrell is well-versed in delivering unparalleled results to UHNW clients. We recently sat down with Phoebe to discuss work life balance, neurodivergent minds and how she is poised and ready to help clients lighten […]

20 September 2023
Protecting Family Heirlooms for Future Generations

By Anya Cooklin-Lofting In a world subject to such constant change, family heirlooms can be seen as symbols of heritage, culture, tradition and memory. They are cherished artefacts that hold genuine meaning for families across the world. No matter if the object in question is of astronomical or negligible financial value, these tokens, be they […]

25 August 2023
Auckland’s Most Delicious Restaurants

By Amira Hashish As New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland has garnered a reputation for delicious food that champions the country’s fresh produce. From a Lebanese tasting menu to yummy yakitori and European inspired dishes, the multi-cultural cuisine is a feast in every sense. Here we choose some of our favourite spots for unearthing the best […]

31 July 2023
Unusual Places to Stay

By Anya Cooklin-Lofting As the summer descends in rays and frittering hours, I find myself longing for an escape from the daily grind. Instead of quick deskside sandwiches and (increasingly humid) tube journeys, I’m pining for something a world away, for something unusual, where I can be free of the iron grooves of modern life […]

15 June 2023
Non-music Festivals in the UK This Summer

By Anya Cooklin-Lofting What comes to mind when you think of British summer festivals? Thumping basslines, moshing crowds and tens of thousands of voices chanting iconic lyrics in unison? Well, naturally, but the festival scene extends beyond the Glastonburys and All Points Easts of this world. In fact, there is a thriving culture of festivals […]

16 May 2023
Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring

By Anya Cooklin-Lofting Nurturing a garden of which to be proud is no small feat. It involves months of pre-planning, consistent attention and dedication to detail. However, the benefits of nailing your garden design, from layout to colour, function to fragrance, is one of the most rewarding domestic pleasures. Whether you’re creating an oasis for […]

27 March 2023
The Paris Fashion Week Cheat Sheet

By Rachael Perry Fashion month is well and truly underway, and it will draw to a close with its grand finale in the fashion capital of the world; Paris. It’s no secret that Paris and its people exude ‘chic’, and Paris fashion week is the ultimate opportunity for fashionistas and their fans to flock together […]

27 February 2023
Best UK Boutique Hotel Openings in 2023

By Amira Hashish We may all be planning our great escapes this year but the UK staycation game is still strong with a handful of hotly anticipated boutique hotels around the country set to open their doors. From motels to mega revamps, spanning Manchester to Edinburgh, here are the spots to have on your radar… […]

13 February 2023