About BBB

A digital members club like no other, BBB offers you direct access to an unprecedented network of luxury service providers and experts at the touch of a button. The unique BBB model is made up of three components: BBB Hosts, BBB Partners and BBB Members. Together the three components of BBB collaborate to create a unique digital eco-system.
BBB Hosts are experts in their chosen fields, bringing years of experience and their very own black book of contacts to the table. Always on the lookout for great new services and suppliers to bring into the Club, BBB Hosts ensure an unprecedented level of quality and negotiate benefits and preferential rates for BBB Members. From Health & Wellbeing to Property, Fashion and Finance, our specialist Hosts are always on hand to consult and provide expert advice.
Our black book of BBB Partners are curated, considered and coveted. Curated in that our Hosts have personally cherry picked only the finest, highly recommended experts. Considered, meaning much thought has gone into ensuring each BBB Partner is the perfect fit for the Club and the needs of our members. And finally, coveted; BBB Partners are the crème de la crème of connections, the contacts you’ve always wished you could make but never quite gain access to.
The richness and diversity of our Membership is what makes BBB so special. From private clients and entrepreneurs to consultants, creatives and those that support them, BBB’s collective makes for a community like no other. Where art meets commerce. Where seasoned experts meet next generational talent, BBB Members are as creative, ambitious and passionate as they are generous, collaborative and compassionate.
Battered Black Book
A Members Club, by invitation only, that offers priceless access to a coveted portfolio of contacts and services, sourced solely from first-class recommendations and referrals.