BBB has curated a compendium of the most talented specialists in their respective fields, selecting from only tried-and-trusted suppliers. Membership provides an excellent platform for the world’s finest brands to promote their expertise.
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As part of the BBB Club, Partners have access to the BBB app and full Member benefits. They also have the opportunity to promote their services, host and attend events, as well as, respond directly to Members’ enquiries.
As part of this exchange, BBB Partners are asked to guarantee Members’ preferential rates, offer exclusive benefits, continue to deliver to the highest standards, maintain professional ethics and work within agreed timeframes and budgets.
Some of our partners
As a Battered Black Book supplier, we have been introduced to the key gatekeepers of notoriously private individuals with whom we have developed invaluable ongoing relationships.
Robert Braithwaite, Founder, SUNSEEKER
We have been a partner of BBB for a few years now and have received numerous introductions and as a result, have secured many valuable clients. BBB are an absolute joy to deal with and I would strongly recommend BBB to anyone looking to promote their services to the HNW sector: I only wish we had joined earlier!
Tony Copeland, VANILLA SKY
We hosted BBB on the Belmond Pullman last year - it was a fantastic day with some very interesting characters. We very much value our relationship with BBB, the quality of their network is second to none.
Nicola Price, BELMOND
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