Our community

The BBB app is a fully encrypted, safe space to connect with a likeminded community of peers whilst gaining direct access to an unprecedented network of luxury service providers and professionals. From securing tickets to that sold out show to taking advantage of exclusive benefits from boutique brands, the BBB app has got you covered.
The Newsfeed or ‘BBB HQ’ is where all the action takes place. Similar to other social media feeds, this is the place to post your questions, engage with other members of the community and find out about upcoming events and news.
The BBB Partner Directory is your very own curated compendium of the most talented specialists in their respective fields. For each BBB Partner you’ll find a detailed listing that includes a description of their services plus discounts, benefits and direct contact details. Every BBB Partner is tried, trusted and comes highly recommended from our panel of expert in-house Hosts, so you can be certain of excellence each and every time.
From established brands to hidden gems, the BBB Boutique is your one stop digital shop for fashion, homewares and accessories. And what’s more, each featured brand includes an exclusive discount code for BBB Members to take advantage of!
Groups are spaces within the BBB app, much like a private room in a members’ club for companies and organisations to host their own communities. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about hosting your own Private Group in BBB.
At BBB there’s nothing we like more than bringing our community together in real life at some of the finest venues for our exciting schedule of events. Drawing upon the expertise and services of our incredible BBB Partners, each event is guaranteed to be unique, collaborative and a whole lot of fun!
Battered Black Book
A Members Club, by invitation only, that offers priceless access to a coveted portfolio of contacts and services, sourced solely from first-class recommendations and referrals.