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BBB community members make up an exclusive network of like-minded gatekeepers to prominent individuals from the arts, entertainment and creative industries, as well as to private clients and family offices.
Members rely on BBB to source outstanding contacts and services that meet the high standards their employers’ demand.
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Go to the Group for the relevant topic and get involved. Ask questions, share tips and join conversations. Tag members with @username to help them find your response.
BBB share news and updates, Partners’ promotional offers, private invitations and off-market job opportunities, exclusively to BBB Club members.
You can leave the groups that may not be relevant via the ‘info’ icon, tailoring your News Feed to your interests.
Here you will find the
treasure trove of Partner listings,
all tried, trusted and highly respected in their fields.

Explore and see how they can help you.
BBB Partners can source
tickets and packages to sold out events, or those not available on the open market.

Here’s a taster, but just post in the Arts & Ent Group for anything specific.
BBB team up with under the radar brands and select stockists to bring Members exclusive offers / promotions and gifting ideas on an ever-evolving selection of items.
Battered Black Book
A Members Club, by invitation only, that offers priceless access to a coveted portfolio of contacts and services, sourced solely from first-class recommendations and referrals.