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Spring Clearing With You Need A Vicky

Spring feels the perfect time to get your home in shape. The weather is improving (that’s the plan!) and the blossom and magnolia is blooming. It feels right to refresh as we come into a new season not only switching up our seasonal wardrobes but decluttering our homes and minds too.

Why Declutter & Organise?

Studies show less visual distraction can increase energy levels, productivity, day to day efficiency as well as stress levels. It’s all well and good going out and exercising but if you return to a home of chaos and clutter then there is potential to undo some of that good work.

Clutter can make you feel like there is a constant to do list surrounding you and can stop your mind from truly relaxing, whereas organisation can have a hugely positive impact on your mental health and when you try it, I believe you’ll feel it almost instantly.

The biggest tips/things to think about that I give people when embarking on their decluttering journey are…

  1. Start small and the difference feels big – you don’t have to declutter and organise a whole room to feel benefits. If you are time poor (most of us are) then work on a drawer or small cupboard, even a shelf a day. There’s psychology behind this. By starting, working on and then completing an area you are much more likely to continue the good work. If you start an area too large and don’t have the time or energy/focus to complete it then chances are it’s more of a struggle to go back to. You want to finish on a high.
  2. Start with the space that most annoys you/hinders your everyday life. That could be your bedroom (getting ready in the morning can affect our mode and day dramatically) or potentially your kitchen.
  3. Have your tools ready. Get your bags for charity, your rubbish and recycling bags prepared and have your cleaning spray to hand!
  4. There are many questions people suggest asking but try this one as you are going through your belongings and making decisions on what stays and what goes. Can I live without this? If you feel guilty at wasted money, bad purchases or hasty buying then feel that feeling. It will pass and I believe it’s a healthy way to start to change buying habits for the future.