BBB Members embody a like-minded community, connecting movers, shakers and gatekeepers from the arts, entertainment and creative industries, along with private clients and family offices.
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Members benefit from
A private community of professionals with insider knowledge and tried-and-tested recommendations in the business, hospitality and luxury sectors
Personal introductions to high-level industry experts, unique services, tailored experiences, preferential rates and member benefits
Opportunities to source talent and/or apply for off-market roles either through BBB’s recruitment partners or privately from the BBB Membership
Scope to champion a side hustle to Club Members
Exclusive invitations to unique events, away days and fam trips
Regular workshops and webinars, plus a host of downloadable content
Club discounts and corporate rates from brands in the BBB Boutique
Referral commission for select introductions
I have been using BBB since 2016 and have found it a life saver. It takes me straight to trusted and recommended companies who always deliver to such a high standard, whilst also saving with their fantastic discounts. It is an amazing resource for me and reassuring to have contacts I can rely on.
Natasha A
You guys, this is the dopest list of things ever. Thanks!
Georgia D
Thanks for everything and for making me look so good!
Katie J
You have absolutely smashed it out the park! BBB always pulling through for me ☺
Annabelle R
Members’ privacy is respected and treated with the utmost discretion. BBB is a private club and all conversations within the app are confidential and direct messaging is fully encrypted.
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