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Planning The Perfect Away Day

For work or play, sometimes you need to get out of the office…

Away days and team building exercises dont have to be a cringe-worthy day of catching Robert from Accounts as he falls into your arms, or ’showing your mettle’ on a terrifying assault course. There are so many options across the UK and with more people doing it, we thought we’d send some helpful tips your way.

How to Plan an Effective Team Away Day

Tip 1: Think – what do you want to achieve?

Is there a project that needs to be brainstormed and brought to the next stage? Is it more about building better relations within the team? Or purely about getting out and having some fun? The most effective away days keep their focus front and centre.

Tip 2: Pick your location carefully.

The perfect country manor might have all the bedrooms you need and a lake with a boat that your CEO would love, but if it’s 4 hours drive and far from a train station, your team will be tired and frustrated before the event event starts (not to mention the cost of getting everyone there.)

Tip 3: Find the right balance between corporate and fun

Yes, you need to get the job done, but the whole point of leaving the office is to not be in the office! Your staff want to feel considered and valued, and everyone knows that happy staff are more productive.

Tip 4: Set a sustainable pace.

There might be 8 working hours in a day, but remember, you’re not in the office for a reason. So plan that seminar in the morning and a brainstorming session that afternoon, but don’t fill every last minute with mentally draining or physically demanding activities. Again, happy staff are more productive, so remember to include down time, bathroom breaks and refreshments to keep up the energy. And if you’ve gone to the countryside, get out into nature! Perhaps try an activity you haven’t before, like foraging or archery, and better still, make these extra-curricular activities multi-choice, so nobody has to do anything they will dread.

Tip 5: Follow up on the day.

Whether it’s an email to everyone who attended with information on the outcomes and objectives achieved, a voucher for them to enjoy that new skill they learnt again, or perhaps a photo book gift to remember the black tie dinner or the time Emily won the best cake contest, it’s something for your team to remember the day by and hopefully build lasting connections.

Away Day Inspiration

If the day truly is ‘away’ from the office with no work involved, perhaps one of the following might be just the ticket…

Set Sail With Sunseeker

Sunseeker offer wonderful day trip options around the Solent and beyond, so with Summer months approaching, what could be better than a day charter with a stop off for lunch on the Isle of Wight. A range of boats and routes can be organised for small and larger groups. When the options are as bespoke as the client, it’s time to set sail!

The Ambassador Theatre Group

Ambassador VIP is the new hospitality service from the Ambassador Theatre Group, bringing the finest experiences that theatre has to offer. Their repertoire currently includes Cabaret, Moulin Rouge, hotly anticipated Mean Girls, Tom Holland in Romeo & Juliet, Wicked and Olivier award winning Stranger Things, which quite frankly has to be seen to be believed! With Ambassador VIP you can expect a private suite with drinks and luxury food, private bathrooms, your own cloakroom, a brochure for the show, the best seats in the house and dedicated VIP hosts to look after you all night.

Hospitality at Tottenham Stadium

If sport is more your game, how about a hospitality package at Tottenham Stadium? The private boxes are perfect for enjoying the match or show with your team or clients. Offering unrivalled views of the pitch from premium matchday seats, or indeed the stage, if it’s one of their world-class concerts, a Tottenham Hotspur hospitality box promises a truly exceptional experience. With delicious dining options, your own private bar, access from 3 hours before show time, car parking, heated seats and a screen inside, the box has everything you need to make it a great time.

If you’d like to discuss ideas for an away day or would like contacts for any private house or estate rentals across the UK and beyond, contact Alex.