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The Rise of Luxury Car Galleries

As the role of luxury expands into every facet of life for the elite, the realm of automotive appreciation has evolved. With more people seeking to indulge their love for cars in a sophisticated and personalised manner, the demand for bespoke garages is continuing to grow. Gone are the days when a garage was simply a utilitarian space to store vehicles. Today, it’s a meticulously curated gallery where prized cars are displayed like works of art.

Philippa Thorp, the founder of luxury design studio Thorp, has a profound understanding of the passion that drives car enthusiasts. As a car aficionado herself, Philippa has been transforming garages into striking displays, strategically positioned and crafted to provide their owners with an immersive experience that celebrates their love for cars. “Luxury garages are an increasingly popular trend, and certainly something I’m seeing in most of our projects at Thorp. For car enthusiasts, it’s not about making a statement – they just want to enjoy their cars in a glorious, tranquil setting, which allows the car to be the jewel of the room”, says Philippa.

Thorp’s projects go beyond mere functionality, creating spaces that celebrate the beauty and craftsmanship of each vehicle. Take, for instance, a recent property where Thorp designed a garage for a client with a passion for exquisite limited-edition and vintage cars. The brief was clear – the garage wasn’t just a storage space; it was a place where the owner could immerse themselves in the splendour of their collection. From optimal temperature control and ventilation, to carefully designed lighting and architectural materials contrasting the glossy exteriors, every aspect was tailored to enhance the visual appeal of the vehicles and ensure they would be kept in the right conditions.

Overlooking the garage is a home office, from where the owner can enjoy their cars at all times, whether working or entertaining business colleagues. To ensure that the whole space is a true celebration of automotives, Thorp designed a façade of bookcases which display an extensive and rare collection of car literature. Behind it are a kitchen and bathroom, blending practicality with opulence.

Another project by Thorp which epitomises the evolution of luxury garages is an upcoming property in London, featuring a transparent box. Philippa says, “We are taking the concept of luxury garages to new heights with a unique ‘celebratory box’ made of glass to house an Aston Martin, creating a clear showcase that integrates with the surrounding environment. This design not only protects the car and emphasises its beauty, but also adds a touch of modern sophistication to the overall aesthetic.”

As we look to the future, it’s clear that the luxury garage is more than just a trend – it’s a symbol of a deep appreciation for automotive artistry and a reflection of the discerning tastes of collectors. These spaces have expanded beyond the confines of a traditional garage, seamlessly integrating with other aspects of luxury living.