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Valentine’s Day With Hometainment

Whilst it may certainly be a day that splits the crowd, for those who like to partake, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show that special someone that you care. So if you do choose to celebrate the day, read on for some inspirational ideas from the wonderful team at Hometainment. Whether you’re showing some love to a longtime partner, an extra special friend or a family member you just couldn’t live without, there are options to suit any and every occasion…

Shilpa Bespoke Florist

Shilpa offers personalised floral services to lend an air of elegance and style to a wide range of events. You’ll see their vibrant floral installations and bouquets bursting with colour at weddings, celebrations and events. Shilpa currently supplies floral designs to the Shangri-La at the Shard and creates stunning, retail floral installations in Central London. Think ahead this year for Valentine’s Day and get the perfect bouquet for you.

Kuofi Table Scaping

Using what you have at home, Kuofi can show you how you can create a stylish and chic tablescape for your guests. Kuofi can help you to understand what to use within your reach from nature or your home-grown herbs as accessories to make your table setting super chic and welcoming – without the need to go out and buy extra decorations. With over two decades of experience in luxury brand management, where she gained all her knowledge, Kuofi will share how to entertain with maximum impact on an affordable budget. She will teach you what colour works by using what you have at home, or where to source if you must buy something new. This event is interactive and is perfect for couples who want to go above and beyond in setting up a dinner to perfection.

Private Chef Michael B Valentine’s Dinner

Michael is a classically trained chef starting his career working in a 5-star hotel with a 2 Michelin-star restaurant. He’s worked in top restaurants such as Le Chabichou, Le Palme d’Or, Chef Pierre Gagnaire and Hotel Oustau Baumaniere. Along with this, he has worked alongside Jason Atherton for 2 years, and a variety of the top French and British chefs. Since then Michael has moved forward with working in top Michelin-star restaurants all over France. Imagine the delight on your guest’s face when you book a private chef to prepare a luxurious meal, who could name a better gift?

Mobile Bar & Cocktail Bartender

Derrick is a bartender and barista with more than 12 years experience working in restaurants, bars and private parties. Whilst working mostly with establishments he has also worked over 100 events all over London and the UK. Hailing from Kenya and flourishing in Somerset, Derrick has picked up both culturally hospitable skills and puts them to work well in this ever so varied industry. Derrick is always driven to provide guests with a memorable and lasting experience – mixing your favourite drinks at home whilst serving a high-end bar quality experience to you and your guests.

Harpist Amie Serenade

Curating a legacy of musical excellence, Amie is a Luxury Wedding and Event Harpist adding grandeur, elegance and sophistication to your celebration. Performing her harp music for the most affluent companies, brands, and hotels, clients of Amie include The Dorchester, Claridge’s, The Savoy, Christie’s, IBM, Fast Company, Intel, LOTUS, Lang Lang Foundation, Marriott Bonvoy, Fairmont Hotels, The Royal Exchange, and Four Seasons. Amie will serenade you within your space and create an idyllic romantic atmosphere on this special occasion.

To book any of these incredible experiences for your Valentine’s Day, simply head to Hometainment.co.uk.