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A Members Club, by invitation only, that offers priceless access to a coveted portfolio of contacts and services, sourced solely from first-class recommendations and referrals.
Membership includes exclusive entry to the bespoke BBB app where Members share contacts and recommendations. They are also granted access to approved Partners, offering preferential rates, premium benefits, prime upgrades and a host of unique experiences.
BBB Members embody a like-minded community, connecting movers, shakers and gatekeepers from the arts, entertainment and creative industries, along with private clients and
 family offices.
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BBB has curated a compendium of the most talented specialists in their respective fields, selecting from only tried-and-trusted suppliers. Membership provides an excellent platform for the world’s finest brands to promote their expertise.
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Remarkable for the decades of experience we bring to the table, the BBB Team and Committee bring incredible knowledge, connections and commitment to the BBB Club. Expertise extends across travel, property, business and finance, to philanthropy, fashion, music, art, hospitality, concierge, luxury goods and so much more.
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Our community
Battered Black Book is exclusively available to the management and support teams of high profile, high net worth and high achieving private clients, who rely on BBB to source outstanding contacts and services that meet the high standards their employers’ demand.
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