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Where to Travel in 2025 With Suite DNA

At Suite DNA, our passion for travel drives us to curate unparalleled experiences and unforgettable stays at some of the world’s finest hotels and villas. So as we look ahead to 2025, we thought what better time to share our wish list with you? With incredible expert partners on the ground all over the world and personal relationships with hotels, we can always guarantee a trip of the lifetime. So please join us as we unveil our favourites, blending our unique desires with unforgettable experiences to hopefully provide you with all the inspiration you need for your next great adventure…

Katy revels in the joy of new adventures
Phoebe’s lifelong passion is fuelled by her global family connections
Celine thrives on discovering hidden gems.

Embrace Nature & Adventure

Islas Secas, Panama: Phoebe’s dream destination for 2024 is Islas Secas, a secluded resort surrounded by 14 volcanic islands. This is an unparalleled and undiscovered nature experience with 750 species of fish, 80 species of birds and 128 plant species as well as whale sharks, giant manta, humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins. You have free rein to adventure at this incredible destination. If she could wave a magic wand, Phoebe would transport herself to this idyllic retreat.

Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana: Katy dreams of becoming a cowgirl in the breathtaking landscapes of Montana. Ideal for spring and summer, Ranch at Rock Creek immerses you in nature and adventure on horseback, bikes, skis, snowmobiles as well as tons of other activities. This destination is about getting away from it all, putting the screens away and reconnecting with nature. “Pretending I’m 18 again” has never sounded so appealing.

Amandira in Raja Ampat: Set sail on Aman’s luxury yacht, Amandira, complete with the luxury of your own Dive Master for scuba diving. Great for teenagers, you can become PADI certified during your trip. Imagine exploring the vibrant marine life of Raja Ampat, diving into crystal-clear waters, and relaxing on a yacht designed for ultimate comfort and elegance. It’s at the top of Katy’s wish list for excitement and adventure.

Cultural & Luxurious Escapes

South Korea – Seoul and Jeju Island: Celine is drawn to the vibrant K-Pop culture and serene beauty of South Korea. With its blend of dynamic city life in Seoul and the tranquil landscapes of Jeju Island, this fascinating destination remains undiscovered by European travellers. It’s the perfect place for those inspired by South Korean cinema or wanting something completely different and our experts on the ground are the best!

Thailand: Phoebe wishes to explore Thailand and is excited to stay at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai. Known for its diverse landscapes and rich culture, an adventure here can take you from the Mekong River and elephant country of Chiang Mai to the turquoise waters of the James Bond islands in the South. And the food! Celine had the best rice of her life there for $5 USD (contact us and we’ll share our secrets).

Il Reschio, Umbria: Experience the historical charm of Il Reschio, a unique hotel set in a restored fortress in the heart of Umbria. It’s been awarded multiple Conde Nast Travel awards for a reason. Celine recommends this destination for its awe-inspiring countryside, olive groves, vineyards, and incredible cuisine. It’s a place where history and luxury converge to create an unforgettable experience and with its villa and activities, it’s perfect for a family getaway.

Exclusive & Unique Adventures

Antarctica: Want to see Polar Bears? Head off to the untouched beauty of the polar regions with our pick of the best expedition companies, ensuring you travel on the most luxurious and high tech ships. Celine is desperate to see the untouched seas of Greenland and smell whales. There are so many of these majestic creatures that the boats have to carefully navigate the waters around them. This is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, St. Moritz: Phoebe craves the mountains in summer and Barrett’s is long on her wish list. It may have something to do with the lake in the hotel’s back garden and the backdrop of stunning mountains. Hike in the morning, paddle board on the lake in the afternoon and spa before cocktails and dinner.

Hike through the Himalayas and retreat at Ananda Wellness: Healing for the mind body and soul. No phones, no GPS, no music, aside from chanting monks – just you and our expert guide in the middle of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Katy’s dream destination for 2025. We go where others don’t, staying away from the tourist trail. The majestic Himalayas offer both physical challenges and spiritual renewal, making it a journey of a lifetime. Complete your adventure with a stay at Ananda Wellness in the Himalayan foothills of North India.