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Joro Experiences Q&A

What could be more exciting than exploring far flung corners of the globe. An exhilarating adventure that incorporates local cultures and unique experiences unknown to the everyday traveller. An off the beaten track exploration that opens your eyes to what this magical world has to offer. To find out how to make this dream a reality, we sat down with Henry Comyn, Co-Founder and MD of Joro Experiences to talk experiential travel, sustainable efforts, top travel tips and dream destinations…

For someone new to Joro, could you explain what you do and how it all began?

We are a dedicated team of travel specialists committed to crafting and delivering extraordinary adventures across the globe on both land and sea. Combining our specialist knowledge, trusted connections, and years of expertise, we aim to transport our clients from their everyday lives into unforgettable moments.

Our journey began with a clear vision: to provide deeper, more enriching travel experiences. Whether it’s a challenging solo expedition, a fortnight-long celebration, or a multi-year sabbatical, we strive to take our clients on journeys that go beyond the ordinary. In a world that feels increasingly familiar, we focus on uncovering the unexpected to make travel extraordinary once more. We continue to push the boundaries of what travel can be, ensuring each adventure is as unique and memorable as the individuals we serve.

From concept to completion, how does the process work?

At Joro, understanding our client’s desires, dreams, and needs is fundamental to our process. It all begins with an initial call, during which we delve into the client’s preferences and aspirations for their trip. Based on this conversation, our travel team proposes one (or several) destinations tailored to the client’s requests. We then invite feedback on this initial proposal, refining and tweaking it until the client gives approval.

Throughout this process, we collaborate with trusted suppliers to craft a completely bespoke proposal. If there are opportunities for clients to support local communities or engage in scientific research, we highlight these options.

Once the final itinerary and costs are agreed upon, we present everything for sign-off. However, our work doesn’t stop there. We continue to fine-tune the itinerary, ensuring it remains uniquely tailored to the client’s needs.

Our travel designers are available 24/7 to support the client when the trip is underway. In some cases, a member of the Joro team may even accompany the client, providing hosting and on-the-ground assistance.

After trip completion, we hold a feedback call with the client to gather insights and suggestions for future improvements, as well as discussing travel plans for the future. Our design team may also create photo albums of the trip to send to clients acting as a memento of their journey, and videos may also be crafted from footage captured during the trip.

Do you think factors like purpose, discovery and adventure have become more important to clients in recent years (post covid)? Are people looking for more of an experience when they travel rather than just an all-inclusive break?

Since covid, we have noticed that our clients are seeking experiential journeys that offer learning, immersion and growth opportunities; which may be achieved through intrepid adventure and discovery. Our clients have also become increasingly more interested in capturing their experiences using professional photographers and videographers.

Group travel has become more popular since covid, with the purpose of creating meaningful connections; be it with local guides, extended family and/or specialist hosts.

You pride yourselves on being a sustainable travel company and a force for good. How does that manifest itself in what you do and the services you provide?

At Joro, through our actions and services, we strive to be a force for good, ensuring that each journey not only enriches our clients but also contributes positively to the world we explore. As a proud B Corporation (since 2021), Joro operates with a steadfast commitment to both people and the planet. We ensure our travel practices positively impact the environments and communities we are privileged to work with, all while maintaining an exclusive, all-encompassing experience for our clients.

Travel is a fundamental human desire, but with that comes the responsibility to understand and protect our world. This understanding led to the founding of The Conscious Travel Foundation, a testament to our dedication to sustainable travel practices and ongoing efforts to make a positive difference.

For someone looking to dip their toe into experiential travel what would you recommend?

Our travel designers have come up with many ideas; here are just a few of them:

East Africa: Experience a blend of safari adventures and meaningful community involvement.

Norway: Enjoy a mix of adventure activities, dramatic fjords and cultural experiences on a Norway charter.

Sri Lanka: A perfect introduction to cultural experiences with its rich history, vibrant local life and diverse landscapes.

Central America: Ideal for USA-based clients seeking a ‘soft entry’ into experiential travel – offering diving, wildlife encounters and a fusion of gastronomic and cultural experiences.

Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu: Perfect for the more adventurous traveller, where you can truly immerse yourself in wilderness and enjoy unparalleled natural beauty and cultural authenticity.

These destinations provide a varied and enriching introduction to experiential travel, allowing you to explore and connect with the world in meaningful ways.

And finally, what’s next for Joro? Any exciting plans in the pipeline that you can share with the BBB community?

We’ve got a really exciting summer coming up – with trips happening across the globe, from intimate family gatherings to large celebrations. We’re also working on a new website and branding, which we hope to launch towards the end of the year. Most excitingly, it’s been great working with several BBB members, and we look forward to our continued collaboration, creating wonderful moments for our clients.