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Discovering Emotional Security With UMBRA

Your Guide to a Resilient Secure Lifestyle

Here at UMBRA, we are thrilled to share our knowledge on something very close to our hearts: Emotional Security. At UMBRA, we’re all about equipping you with the tools for a Secure Lifestyle, and this emerging pillar is vital in today’s ever-changing world.

Why Emotional Security?

Emotional Security is the 4th pillar of UMBRA’s 4 Pillar approach to security (physical, digital and reputational being the others). It is all about feeling safe, confident, and free from anxiety. In our fast-paced world, where challenges abound, maintaining this balance is crucial. Having navigated my own path through optimising my physical, mental, and cognitive health, I’ve seen first-hand how these areas intertwine. At UMBRA, we believe a holistic approach to security includes emotional wellbeing at the core. 

The Importance of Resilience

According to the World Health Organization, one in four people faces mental health challenges at any time. This highlights the importance of resilience, especially in the face of the risks we all face in the modern world. We’ve noticed that individuals with lower emotional resilience often experience more security issues, especially among younger clients. That’s why we prioritise building this resilience, making it the frontline of holistic security.

Our Toolkit for Emotional Resilience

At UMBRA, we’re committed to helping you foster emotional resilience. Here’s a glimpse of our toolkit, featuring some of the best emotional support and wellness practices from around the globe. We are a proudly best of British business, but the team can tailor this to wherever you are in the world and wherever you regularly travel to and from:

Therapies & Wellness

  1. HBOT (Oxygen Chambers): Available at the Hum2n and Grey Wolfe clinics in London, these sessions support healing and wellness.
  2. Infrared Saunas: Check out London Cryo for a rejuvenating experience that promotes relaxation and detoxification.
  3. Cryotherapy: Embrace cold therapy with ice baths or cold showers. LUMI’s at-home pod makes this accessible every day
  4. Breathwork: Explore the Wim Hof method for breath control and cold exposure, boosting both mind and body.
  5. IV Vitamin Infusions: we love a health boost with infusions packed with nutrients like NAD and B12 to enhance your vitality.
  6. Morning Routine: Enjoy sunlight and movement each morning to reset your circadian rhythms and energize your day. How you start the day defines how you sleep.


  1. Holistic Health Consultations: we love Gut Philosophy who offer comprehensive consultations, including blood panels to tailor your nutrition plan.
  2. Supplements: From Moju Ginger shots to Bulletproof coffee, maintain high ketone levels for optimal brain function. I add MCT oil to mine every morning for a brain boost.
  3. Functional Foods: Incorporate adaptogenic coffees like London Nootropics and vibrant greens from Vitalgreens into your diet.
  4. Collagen and Hydration: Enhance your health with Marine or Bovine Collagen, along with Ancient & Brave’s True Hydration.

Reading & Learning

  1. Books: Dive into titles like “Super Human” by Dave Asprey or “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker for insights into biohacking and wellness.
  2. Podcasts: Explore data-driven podcasts like Huberman Lab for a deeper understanding of health and performance.

Wearables & Tools

  1. Health Monitors: Track your well-being with OURA Rings or Whoop bands.
  2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Protect your eyes with options like Red Light Rising.
  3. Glucose Monitoring: From Zoe to Supersapiens – try looking at any foods that spike your sugar with real-time insights into how your diet affects your mood and energy.
  4. Home Saunas: Experience the benefits of an infrared sauna at home with brands like MiHi.

Brain & Mental Performance

  1. Therapy Options: We recommend starting with CBT or exploring innovative approaches like Brain Spotting.
  2. Cognitive Enhancement: London Holistics and SOFOS offer cutting-edge holistic guidance & cognitive performance optimization.

Fitness & Community Engagement

  1. Fitness Focused: Whether in London or beyond, we connect you with top trainers and gyms. Movement is key at every stage of life.
  2. Community Involvement: Giving back through volunteering or joining community interest and growth mindset groups like Toastmasters can enhance your well-being and slow cognitive aging.

Building Trust & Understanding

Our approach is rooted in trust. We work closely with clients to explain how emotional security impacts all areas of life—physical, digital, and reputational. By building emotional resilience, we help you navigate risks more effectively.

Join Us on This Journey

At UMBRA, we’re not just about security but about thriving. Our Emotional Security pillar is here to support your journey. Whether through personalised therapy programs or community connections, we’re dedicated to your resilience and overall well-being.

If you’re ready to explore Emotional Security and enhance your lifestyle, reach out to us. Our Head of Emotional Security is eager to connect and guide you.

From all of us at UMBRA, we wish you strength and resilience on your path to emotional security. Let’s thrive together!