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Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Here at BBB, we’re proud to source staff for some of the most desirable roles on the market. Whether you’re applying to be PA to an A-lister or private chef to a globe-trotting entrepreneur, there’s no doubt about it, you’ll be up against some pretty stiff competition. At a time when standing out has never been so important, we’ve got some nifty tricks up our sleeve, all aimed at getting your CV to attract the attention it deserves and ultimately help you nab that dream job.

Good to go

For all of our private and corporate clients, discretion is absolutely key, which is why SORTED are working with Rose to introduce Extended Background Checks for all the candidates we place. Sounds scary? It really isn’t. In the broadest sense, background checks are used to ascertain an employee’s probity (honesty and decency) and integrity (their moral and ethical standards) to ensure they can be trusted in the conduct of their work. In short, having a clean sweep on your CV shows that you’ve intuitively put yourself in the shoes of your potential employer and taken the proactive step to make sure your background is wholly accurate. Candidates registered with us, but looking to apply for jobs outside of SORTED, also have access to discounted rates.

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Take to the skies

If you’re scanning a job description and the words ‘private jet’ pop up, then this one’s for you! TAG Aviation have created a handy half-day course dedicated to private staff with no previous aviation experience and who may be required to undertake duties on board an employer’s aircraft or travel without cabin crew. Covering everything from turbulence procedures to effective communication with Flight Crew, you’re sure to be feeling Top Gun in no time.

Contact Debbie Elliott for further details

Get a head start

Your first PA role can be a daunting one with a very steep learning curve. To support junior PAs with this important career leap, we’re delighted to introduce Catrina Naylor and her specialist PA mentoring service ‘The Assistant’ to the SORTED squad. Cat’s had an amazing career assisting very high profile talent and senior execs in the music industry, so is perfectly placed to recruit and advise PAs in the creative sector. The Assistant provides a specialist service that mentors both PA and client to build a long term trusting relationship.

Contact Catrina Naylor for further details

Up your game

If you’ve been in the PA circuit for a while now and are looking to make the next step from utterly awesome to organisational ninja, then all-round PA superstar, Donna Coulling, might just be the lady who can help. With an enviable CV stuffed to the brim with celeb clients and global glitterati, Donna’s PA coaching service, covering everything from leveraging your network to brushing up on skills, may be the best career investment you ever make.

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Cover the details

Calling all freelancers! Did you know that it’s down to you to get the proper legal cover to protect yourself in the workplace? Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds and as usual, SORTED are here to make it that bit easier. As Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance are often overlooked by freelancers and those running their own businesses, we’ve arranged for our friends at contacts at Lark Insurance to be on hand to offer friendly advice on identifying your risk exposures..

Contact Natalie Hills at Lark for more details

First to the top

When it comes to quick and easy qualifications that add some extra sparkle to your CV, First Aid Training is a tried-and-tested crowd pleaser. Valuable for so many roles, from office managers to positions within private households, an up-to-date certificate gives employers complete reassurance that the office is safe in your hands! Although we can’t promise an instructor à la George Clooney in the days of ER, we can recommend the services of First Aid for Life, who offer practical training tailored to your existing knowledge.

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