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Whether you’re booking a dream holiday or managing someone else’s multi-stop business trips, here at SORTED we believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. As getting from A to B often requires more thought than a quick upgrade to Speedy Boarding, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Battered Black Book suppliers, all of which remove trickiness from travel.


Book wisely

When faced with the unpredictable terrain of online ticket sales, The Appointment Group, can smooth things over by ensuring the best value Business and First Class fares. With offices all over the world, they have great relationships with airlines and hotels and always offer complete discretion. They are an exclusive, invitation only service, but thankfully Battered Black Book has got the hook up.


File the paperwork

Been offered a dream opportunity to work overseas? Errington Bose Immigration Services are the clever people who work out all the necessary details to make it happen. The team’s network of advisors outside the UK cover immigration assistance for over 90 countries, making light work of everything from individual cases to liaising with schools and universities, as well as making introductions to on-the-ground experts in property, tax, banking and investment.


Shift the load

Dealing with your own luggage is so last summer. AirPortr is an amazing new service which offers same day pick up/delivery of your baggage to any London address. Operating at Heathrow, Gatwick and London City airports, there are no weight or size restrictions and all bookings are insured up to £10,000. Simple, affordable and hassle free, try them once and banish the trolley dash for good.


Hit the road

London and New York – two destinations where getting from the airport to town doesn’t necessarily mean travelling in style. But that’s where Capstar come in. These chauffeurs with a difference are all ex-military and trained in the highest standards of security. As you can imagine the service is pretty slick, so next time you need an airport pick up (or indeed around town), give one of these ex-soldiers a shout.


Enjoy the airport

Love travelling but hate airports? Well, after using DiamondAir you might just change your mind! This bespoke meet and assist service extends first class travel beyond inflight to the ground in almost 500 airports and rail stations across the globe. From arrival through to departure they will take care of every last detail, leaving you to practice the zen of effortless travel.


Mark it personal

As you already know, SORTED is all about making life that bit easier for you, which is where an amazing valet comes in as the ultimate travel accessory. Whether it’s for permanent or ad-hoc support, that extra pair of (white gloved) hands makes all the difference. Covering everything from packing luggage and travelling ahead to make sure the correct necessities are in place, to fixing the perfect G&T or arrival snack, we will find the very best personal concierge that caters to your exacting requirements.


Jet Off

Until fairly recently, travelling by private jet was a mythical experience reserved for the very highest echelons of traveller. Victor has revolutionised the concept by making booking a private plane as easy as ordering an UBER. This simple, on-demand service has no upfront fees and enables members to swiftly check pricing options, aircraft specifics and on-board amenities before booking – all you need is a smart phone and a credit card!


Keep grounded

f flying is not your thing, then you can always revert to the golden age of travel and be transported in legendary style. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express journeys across Europe from March to November and seeing as they have just launched a new Bar Car, ‘3674’, offering Michelin-standard food in a beautiful art-deco setting, it seems that there’s no better time to book passage.


Drive out

A healthy dose of wanderlust never did anyone any harm and if you’re looking for a more adventurous escape then we’ve got just the ticket. Tour de Force are a bespoke travel and adventure logistics company who create some of the most authentic and stunning experiences to stretch the imagination and broaden horizons. Check out their epic 2-week exploration of Lesotho – a fully supported 4×4 overland adventure through mountainous terrain, with an added dose of luxury thrown in for good measure.


Arrive on the hop

Ah touchdown! Now all you need to do is navigate the endless taxi queue to pay an arbitrary rate and finally arrive at your destination… Alternatively you could eliminate any unpredictable situations and book Hoppa in advance. As the world’s no. 1 specialist in smooth, reliable transfers, it serves over 700 airports in 7500 countries and resorts, offering competitive rates and stress-free travel. Whether you book shared transport or a luxury vehicle, the driver will be waiting for you at the last leg of your journey for the smoothest of all transitions.