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Happy August everyone! With most of London finally enjoying some downtime, there’s nothing more restorative than taking in the rolling landscape and fresh air of England’s green and pleasant land. Nestled in the middle of the month, the Glorious 12th signals the official start of the grouse shooting season – some of the most luxurious days in the world of country sport. Therefore, dedicated to the spirit of the country, this month’s blog is all about how to excel at rural life.

It’s about Thyme

Calling all mini-breakers! If you’re looking for the quintessential English countryside experience, then look no further than Thyme – a boutique hotel located in a restored Hamlet at the heart of the Cotswolds. This picture perfect setting is where traditional cottages and an ancient tithe barn harmonise beautifully with a state-of-the-art cookery school and sophisticated cocktail bar. With eight bedroom suites, three cottage suites and two beautifully restored cottages to choose from, you’ll be living the bucolic dream in no time. What’s more, the entire complex can also be reserved for exclusive use – so gather some friends together and take staycationing to a whole new level.

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To the manor born

If you’re truly sold on rural life then Knight Frank are the go-to experts for sourcing that dream country pad. Their 30 strong Country House department have a combined 300 years’ of experience covering everything from historic estates to chocolate box cottages. If you’re looking to sell, then the London-based team have the means and network to ensure they find the right buyer, be it sporting estate, equestrian property or weekend getaway.

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Up your game

There’s nothing more satisfying than returning from a day out in the fields to some delicious home cooked grub. Obviously, we’re not suggesting you slave over a hot stove yourselves! Whether it’s a swift lunch between outings or the day’s prize hunt baked in a pie, SORTED have the scoop on the best Private Chefs around. Leave the hard work to us and you’ll be feasting around the table in no time!

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A superior marksman

When it comes to keeping up appearances with the country folk, there’s no greater asset than a beautifully crafted firearm. Holland & Holland take this one step further by adding unique artistry, such as engraving, to further personalise this lifetime investment. Anything from detailed patterning, to the inlaying of precious metals and jewels, can be added to set the scene for a truly unique piece of equipment, inspiring awe and impressing the stalwarts in your shooting party.

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A placement in the country

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you know SORTED as the go-to peeps for placing the very best PAs and support staff in London town and other metropolises across the globe. Well it doesn’t stop there! Our network is just as strong in the Home Counties, Cotswolds, South Coast and West Country, where we regularly assign staff full time and part PAs to both private households and companies. So if you’re looking to retreat to greener pastures or need a team to support your existing country-based lifestyle – just drop us a line!

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Staff for all seasons

Finding the right staff to manage a large scale estate is a tricky business. Thankfully SORTED are on hand with their trusty network of contacts and mega skills in creating the perfect match. Finding the right staff to manage a large scale estate is a tricky business. Thankfully SORTED are on hand with their trusty network of contacts and mega skills in creating the perfect match. Whether it’s a live-in Couple who just happen to be looking to make a move to rural Shropshire or a Butler who’s also a Chef extraordinaire or an Estate Manager to oversee the whole shooting match, we approach these jobs on a case by case basis to ensure the best fit possible.

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The best accessory

If you’re serious about your country sports, then you will love just about anything from Blackwood & Locke. These guys produce the most exquisite made-to-order outdoor accessories, all handcrafted in their lovely workshop in the pretty Cotswold village of Woodchester. A bespoke service in the purest sense, every piece is tailored to the individual, from a completely fitted-out gun room to personalised gun boxes that can be used for shooting, racing, polo, rugby and more.

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The great escape

There’s no doubt about it, the UK’s rich and varied landscape provides ample opportunities for the perfect escape – with our humble little island host to some of the globe’s most celebrated sporting events, finest golf courses and country pursuits. Just ask our friends at VIP Escapes. They have built a business around creating and delivering customised experiences that encourage exploration of the great outdoors. From access to the finest, private estates to fishing, shooting, golf and other activities – with the great outdoors as a backdrop you’re sure to enjoy an escape to remember.

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