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What to buy the person who has it all….

It’s that time of year again… the season where we eat our own body weight in mince pies, have one glass too many at the office party and no doubt don a dodgy jumper or two. If you’re organised (which as superstar PAs, we know you are!) you’ll have almost completed most of your personal shopping by now, have sent out the cards and are already thinking about the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions… But no matter how well you plan and how far in advance you start shopping, there is always that one person who is almost impossible to buy for. It might be your other half, it might be that uncle you see once a year or it might just be your favourite teenager. Sadly, we dont know Uncle Henry (and we still find teenagers a mystery) so we can’t help you there…. But we can offer some advice on gift giving for the person who has it all. Perhaps your principal has asked for inspiration…. Here are our top suggestions on what to give to the person who has everything…

Let’s start with an easy one – a watch. But this is no ordinary watch. Meet Dutch watchmaking house Christiaan Van der Klaauw, who allow you to totally customise your luxurious timepiece. This incredible company made the two best ladies watches for Van Cleef & Arpels and are regarded as one of the top  watchmaking houses in the world. These pieces are also highly exclusive – they only make around 50-60 timepieces each year worldwide, so only 60 buyers in the world maximum have the chance to own one! In case this wasn’t enough, through our special connections BBB is pleased to offer an amazing 10% off the total price and give buyers the chance to meet with the owners either in Amsterdam or London to collect their piece! Check out the incredible configurator now for some inspiration (if you’d like to discuss further, contact us.

Along similar lines, perhaps an impossible-to-get handbag is just the ticket? Whether it’s a Birkin or a Kelly, or perhaps the Zofia Chylak, we have you covered. Our contacts either have access to the front of the queue, or they have connections with collectors around the world who’d be willing to sell. So that waitlist just got a lot shorter…
Our next two suggestions follow the trend of experiences over objects… our busy minds, fast paced lives and lack of time to spend with loved ones are seeing us favour activities and trips with those we love, over material items we quickly grow bored of. It has been going this way for a little while now, but the trend sees no sign of changing any time soon. Immersive theatre, light shows, multi-sensory events and other forms of escapism have been taking over, so perhaps booking something to share with a friend is the best way to show someone you care?

Secret Cinema has for years been a hot ticket and nothing has changed with the latest production of ’Stranger Things.’ Immerse yourself into Hawkins, Indiana and lose the stresses of everyday live whilst wandering the mall and uncovering what really happened… A lesser talked about but highly reviewed show right now is Bjork’s Vulnicura VR. Located in Hackney, step outside yourself into 55 minutes of Bjork-inspired beauty, Vistiors will step into Bjork’s creative genius, exploring the Icelandic locations that inspired her music in a utopia of sound and colour. The otherworldly experience is available for just a few weeks, so book in fast to give the music fan in your life a gift to remember.

If you’re looking for an experience, but something longe than a night, we can’t recommend highly enough some of the fantastic once-in-a-lifetime trips from our travel partners. For example… ‘Vinotherapy’ is an invitation-only discovery trip of Bordeaux, where guests can stay in at a private wine estate, explore a host of vineyards and sellers, meet growers and producers, spend the day aboard a private Riva and even meet an oyster farmer, followed by a tasting… how romantic! In ‘The Keys to Vatican City,’ travellers discover everything this incredible place has to offer, with exclusive access to miss the crowds and queues. A private visit to the Vatican Library, a blessing from the Pope, off-limits areas of the Vatican and a private Mass are just some of the highlights. Or for the something truly unique, perhaps the ‘DestiNAtion You’ experience is the one…. The incredible opportunity sees your DNA being processed by some of the most highly skilled geneticists in the world, to determine your precise ancestral origins and genetic history. Our travel team then tailor-make a trip for you based exactly to your DNA, taking you to discover the places where your ancestors came from and essentially, what makes you, you! If you’d like to discuss any of these incredible trips, please email us.

If your person is keen on ancestry, but doesn’t have the time to cavort around the world, perhaps Genealogica are more up their street. They undertake intensive ancestral research over many months too build up a comprehensive history of your origins, more along the family tree vein than DNA… coming from the team behind one of the world’s most well-known productions, with access to some of the leading experts in geneology, this really would make an exceptional gift!

Christmas is also a time to be thankful though for all the many ways in which we are lucky, and to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. For some who have it all, the best way they can celebrate is to spread the joy and to give. There are a number of organisations out there offering help (and requiring donations of money or time), as well as gifting sites that give back to the community. Some of our favourites are Good Gifts who allow you to buy something much needed in the name of someone you love (and you’ll get a card to present to the lucky friend), Oxfam Unwrapped who do something very similar and Crisis, where you can sponsor the Christmas of a homeless person, offering them a hot meal, a shower, a health check and a bed. BARTS Christmas Appeal is also quite special, asking people to give a gift to someone in hospital over this season. It shouldn’t be so, but many older people have no families or visitors whilst they are in hospital, which at any time of year is horrible, but especially at Christmas – not to mention the stresses of children and their families. Many hospitals accept donations, both in form of gifts or money, and we think any form of support for these initiatives is excellent.

Overall this Christmas, when trying to avoid the trappings of Amazon and the stress of Westfield, we hope this has provided some interesting food for thought, if nothing else. If you’d like to discuss any of these ideas with us, or anything else, please just get in touch. And Happy Christmas one and all, see you in 2020!