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Safeguarding Your Home During the Qatar World Cup With Somerset Estates

Safeguarding your home during the Qatar World Cup

Thinking of going to the Qatar World Cup? Learn how the expert team at Somerset Estates can help with safeguarding your vacant property, putting your mind at ease while you’re away…

As you prepare travel plans for the trip to Qatar, ensuring the protection of your vacant property is of utmost importance for ensuring your peace of mind.

Worrying about your property when you are away – especially during the World Cup – should never be an issue, and our team is committed to giving our clients’ homes the same care when they are vacant as when they are occupied.

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From security threats to damaging water leaks, our team is here to check your property on a regular basis, and at the ready to tackle any logistical and technical challenges that may occur when you are away.

As you enjoy your holiday, our staff are available round the clock to address each and every one of your needs, as well as unanticipated situations. We organise and supervise cleaning, oversee contractors, run errands, pay household bills and tend to all unexpected urgent matters, from trespassing concerns to power failures and faulty air conditioning. Our team remains available 24/7, with an emergency phone number allowing us to help in any time zone.

Perhaps most importantly, our regular maintenance of your home in your absence significantly reduces costly repairs and insurance premiums: our ongoing checks prevent potential damages and ensure that your property is kept in perfect working order, and protected from seasonal changes.

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We run your heating and cooling systems on a reduced and steady mode – known as ‘vacancy mode’ – keeping your property running efficiently. We flush taps to avoid harmful bacteria build-up within pipes and always take preventative measures for seasonal damages.

Come your return, be it in the middle of the night or on the weekend, we will ensure that your property is ready for your arrival – from having the heating set to your ideal temperature, to having the fridge stocked with your favourite items.

To find out more about our vacant property management services and ease your mind this Christmas and anytime you are away, please get in touch with Philippa by calling +44 (0) 20 3457 2857 / +44 (0) 7904 607136 or emailing  info@somersetestates.com to ease your mind this Christmas and anytime you are away.