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Partner Spotlight – Sunseeker Charters

As dream vacations go, it’s safe to say there’s nothing quite like chartering your own yacht. Allow us to set the scene…you’re surrounded by friends and loved ones, exploring new coastlines and visiting new places, from the intimacy and exclusivity of your own private surroundings. Eating the finest freshly prepared meals and sipping on your drink of choice while blissfully soaking up the sunshine, listening to the laughter in the air and relaxing in the height of luxury. It’s your holiday, your way.

To find out more about the finer details of luxury yacht chartering, we sat down with Katie House, Group PR, Marketing & Events for Sunseeker London Group, and Charter Broker for Sunseeker Charters, to discuss popular winter sun destinations, Sunseeker Charters fully tailored service and how to decide on what yacht is right for you…

Would you mind starting by telling us how the Charter arm of Sunseeker came about?

As proud carriers of the Sunseeker name, we are the dedicated go-to company for clients and brokers worldwide looking to find Sunseeker Yachts and other premium brand yachts to charter.

Sunseeker Charters was founded by the late Sunseeker Co-Founder, Robert Braithwaite some 15 years ago and like Robert, we see the great importance of offering our clients the option to charter as well as buy these stunning yachts.

With the support of the Sunseeker team of over 150 across 40 offices, spanning 20 countries, we market our fleet in over 12 different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Egyptian, Greek, Turkish, Croatian, Bulgarian and Maltese so all clients are able to converse comfortably in their mother tongue.

With over 25 years of experience, our Group is able to seamlessly combine the ease of chartering direct with the ability to offer our Sunseeker Owners an opportunity to offset their costs by adding their vessels into our charter programme. Marketing our Charter vessels to our very own database of over 50,000 qualified Sunseeker clients and prospects, we provide the opportunity to secure charter bookings throughout the year.

What are your most popular winter sun destinations and which ones would you recommend?

Some stand out and popular destinations for chasing the sun in winter are Dubai, the British Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean. Warm weather, vibrant marine life, pristine beaches and azure waters make it a charterers paradise.

Sunseeker Charters offer a fully tailored service. Could you explain to us how this unique process works?

From the outset we work alongside you, gathering as much detail as we can about your perfect getaway. We then set about producing an itinerary for you and your guests, detailing day by day where you’ll be cruising and what you can hope to see along the way. We also take care of the finer details such as private jet charters, luxury car transfers, beach club bookings or restaurant reservations, as well as offering you expertise on the best anchorages and marinas to visit.

As soon as you step onboard any of our yachts, it’s the crew that deservedly take centre stage. Each member handpicked by us for being the very best at what they do. Our chefs, stewardesses and deck crew are there for your comfort, while our captains are your key in unlocking the door to your chosen cruising grounds.

With such a vast selection of yachts on offer, how does the team ensure that a client is matched perfectly?

Choosing the right type of yacht for your family charter depends on various factors, including your preferences, the size of your family, your budget, and the activities you plan to do during your charter.

There are many considerations to help you decide the perfect boat for you:

  1. Group Size: Consider the number of people in your family. Smaller families may find a smaller yacht suitable, while larger families may require a larger motor yacht with multiple cabins.
  2. Budget: Yacht charters can vary significantly in price. Establish a budget for your charter, including not just the cost of the yacht but also additional expenses like fuel, crew gratuities, and provisions. Keep in mind that larger yachts typically come with higher costs.
  3. Destination: Think about where you plan to charter. Some areas may have specific types of yachts that are more common or better suited to local conditions.
  4. Activities: Consider the activities you want to enjoy during your charter. If you’re interested in water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, or paddleboarding, you’ll want a yacht with the necessary equipment and storage space. If you prefer a more relaxed cruise, a yacht with a spacious deck and comfortable seating will be ideal.
  5. Amenities: Different yachts come with varying amenities. Some may have luxury features like a hot tub, a barbecue grill, or a fully equipped kitchen, while others may be more basic. Decide what amenities are important to your family’s comfort and enjoyment.
  6. Duration: Consider the length of your charter. If it’s just for a day or a weekend, you might opt for a smaller yacht. For longer trips, especially if you plan to stay on board for an extended period, you’ll need a yacht with more space and amenities.

Ultimately, your family’s preferences and comfort should guide your choice. Consider the style, size, and layout that will best suit your family’s needs and desires.

At Sunseeker we can help you navigate your options and find the right yacht for you, while also providing valuable insights into the chartering process and destinations available.

What’s included in a Sunseeker Charter? What luxuries and special touches can people expect?

Included in the charter fee is the use of vessel, the expert crew, water toys (these vary depending on the size of vessel chartered) you will also pay VAT based on the area you are chartering from and APA (advanced provisioning allowance) this is typically 35% of the charter fee and this covers fuel, food, drinks, mooring fee’s and any other expenses you may have while on charter. APA is managed by your captain.

And finally, why would you recommend a Sunseeker Charter holiday over a more traditional hotel break?

Chartering a yacht offers numerous benefits, making it an attractive option for those seeking a unique and luxurious vacation experience. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of owning a superyacht, without the running costs.

When chartering a yacht, you have exclusive use of the vessel, ensuring privacy and a personalised experience. This means that we can create a tailored itinerary based on your preferences. You can choose your destinations, anchor in secluded coves, and enjoy the luxury of the high-end amenities on board.

As yacht charter is such a high-end personalised service, the professional crew are there to cater to your every need throughout your time at sea. We have the flexibility to adapt your plans based on weather conditions and your preferences throughout the trip.

Many yacht charters offer gourmet dining experiences prepared by talented onboard chefs. You can enjoy one-of-a-kind menus and dine in picturesque settings, which may be sat on the deck with ocean views. There is an unparalleled opportunity to appreciate breathtaking landscapes while waking up to a different view every morning and enjoy the beauty of the sea and nature.

Yachts often carry a variety of water toys and equipment, such as paddleboards, snorkelling gear, jet skis, and even scuba diving equipment, meaning you can engage in water sports and activities at your leisure.

Yacht charters are an excellent option for spending quality time with family and friends. You can bond over shared experiences, enjoy leisurely meals together, and create lasting memories over special occasions, giving you the intimacy, you may not find elsewhere.

For more information or to discuss a booking, contact Katie today.