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Up, Up and Away!
Travel After Lockdown

As travel restrictions ease and more of us are starting to once again venture abroad, we wanted to share with you some updates of some of the lovely places around Europe that are opening their doors again and hoping to invite you in. We’ll also be posting updates when we have them on quarantine rules […]

23 July 2020
Fly me to the moon…

As the Corona Virus crisis continues, one thing is for certain – we are all missing the joy of travel. Whether it’s the chance to escape our everyday lives and jobs, the inspiration we get from experiencing new things or places, or the nourishment of the soul from breath-taking natural beauty and connecting with nature, […]

2 June 2020
Partner Blog: Interiors by Sarah Ward

In a time where we are all spending so much time at home (and for many of us that includes working!) we thought you might like to read this rather brilliant blog by BBB Partner Sarah Ward. Her interior design skills are second to none, so why not adopt some of this stellar advice in […]

27 May 2020
Finances in a time of COVID-19

With the world overtaken by the current healthcare crisis of COVID-19, we all face much uncertainty and many challenges ahead, both personal and professional. Keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy is of course the main priority for everyone right now, but when this is over, and it will be over, we face the question… […]

17 April 2020
Partner Blog – Bold & Reeves

BBB property experts Bold & Reeves wrote a blog for us about the best way to maintain your principal’s property and why they really are a PA’s best friend….. Often our first point of contact with a new client is through their PA. Typically, there’s a period of reconnaissance as they assess any existential threat to […]

12 March 2020
BBB’s Africa Recommendations

Africa is a place of rich and diverse culture and history – it’s the second largest continent in the world and boasts perhaps the world’s largest number of animals roaming freely, with everything from big cats to camels, reptiles to birds. Huge mountains, endless plains, jungle, dessert and stunning coastline, Africa has it all. It’s […]

13 February 2020
Home Away From Home

Many successful people travel a lot for work. Sometimes they travel alone, sometimes their families come too. Often their PA or other personal staff also travel a lot, accompanying and supporting the primary of getting things set up in their absence, or ahead of their arrival. To the uninitiated, this sounds very glamorous, a dazzling […]

9 January 2020
What to buy the person who has it all….

It’s that time of year again… the season where we eat our own body weight in mince pies, have one glass too many at the office party and no doubt don a dodgy jumper or two. If you’re organised (which as superstar PAs, we know you are!) you’ll have almost completed most of your personal […]

12 December 2019
BBB’s Europe Food Tips for Summer 2019

Summer is a time for travel, whether it’s island hopping, beach lounging or city exploring, and one of the joys of visiting new places is discovering their food and drink culture. What’s better than an Aperol in the sunshine, some antipasti with a view or fresh street food from a hidden gem trader a local […]

25 July 2019