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Unique Gift Ideas for the Person That Has Everything

It seems every family has one, that impossibly hard person to buy for that either has everything or wants for nothing. We scratch our heads and scour the internet in search of that special something but always somehow end up falling short. So, to save you the trouble this year, we’ve rounded up a delightfully unique selection of gift ideas for Christmas, birthday’s and beyond, that are guaranteed to go down a treat…

AMI Archive

Preserve the treasured photo memories of a loved one with a little help from AMI Archive. Following the journey of discovery, AMI will bring your family’s photographic archive to life through meticulous preservation, digitalisation and curation techniques that guarantee the enduring legacy of your cherished memories in a bespoke, handmade photo book.

AMI’s artisan bookbinders will gather and stitch the pages together by hand, followed by the handcrafted creation of each cover and slipcase using foil blocking techniques to produce a true labour of love. 


Kind Box

Give a gift that’s good for animals, people and planet. The Kind Box is an ethical gift box filled with unique and hand-picked products that have been tried and tested in-house. For an extra special touch, you can build a custom gift box using the bespoke build a box platform, choosing from hundreds of vegan, sustainable and cruelty-free beauty products. Each beautiful box is then wrapped with eco-friendly tissue paper, zig zag offcut paper from a UK paper mill and tied with an organic cotton ribbon.


Kensington Parker

Call on Kensington Parker for a piece of bespoke, made to order diamond jewellery; a gift that even the person that has everything would be hard-pressed to resist! As a private jeweller, Kensington Parker are not refined to the constrictions of a traditional high street jeweller. From a home appointment in the evening, to a visit at your office to overlook a handpicked selection of diamonds, this is the kind of service that makes Kensington Parker a private jeweller for the client.


Rome de Bellegarde

Treat that special someone in your life to a bottle of one of the world’s most expensive and exquisite cognacs. Rome de Bellegarde has garnered a reputation for the highest standard of excellence, specialising in a limited edition collection of modern Premium Crus harmoniously blended with rare-aged Eaux de vie.

BBB recommend a bottle of the XO Limited Edition. Characterised by its full and powerful fruity notes and extravagant spices, the XO distils the essence of Rome de Bellegarde’s iconic heritage while bringing to the fore a modern freshness of flavour, imbued with lingering hints of sweet vanilla.



What could be more special than gifting someone with their very own genealogical family portrait? A company like no other, Genealogica is the world’s best family history research and story-telling team. With proven expertise in unearthing unique and barely traceable documents, photographs and heirlooms, Genealogica bring the people and places of each family’s extraordinary odyssey to life, telling the story of their unique journey through the generations.

Genealogica will then design and deliver the family legacy in any way clients desire, from bespoke ancestral encyclopedias to physical journeys into the past.


Belmond Gift Card

Give the gift of a Belmont gift card for something to look forward to when the time is right. The beauty of this particular gift card is that it can be redeemed for a range of experiences including a delightful afternoon tea, a relaxing massage a fascinating masterclass or towards the trip of a lifetime! From restaurants and hotels to trains, boats and safaris, nobody does luxury adventures quite like Belmond.