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Suite DNA’s Top Travel Destinations & Experiences

Discover the Pinnacle of Luxury Travel

At Suite DNA, we believe in crafting unparalleled travel experiences that cater to the sophisticated tastes of luxury travellers. As we step into 2024/25, we invite you to explore some of the world’s most exclusive destinations and ultimate experiences, each meticulously curated to offer an extraordinary escape…

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Private Island Resorts

For those who seek seclusion and opulence, the newly launched Soneva Secret in the Maldives is a dream come true. The Castaway Villa is an architectural marvel, floating gracefully over the crystal-clear waters with two floors of luxury. Imagine a villa so perfectly designed that water movements are imperceptible, featuring a private pool and slide into the lagoon. Accessible only by sea, this resort promises absolute privacy, surrounded by the untouched beauty of the Maldivian archipelago.

Immersive Wildlife Adventures: Luxury Safari Lodges

Africa’s vast wilderness beckons with the promise of unparalleled wildlife encounters. At Singita Explore in Tanzania, you’ll find yourself at the heart of the Serengeti migration. This exclusive-use mobile camp offers a front-row seat to one of nature’s greatest spectacles. Dine under the starlit sky and sleep in canvas tents, all while being pampered by private chefs and expert rangers. This is not just a safari; it’s an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Elevated Escapes: Exclusive Mountain Retreats

For those who crave both adventure and tranquillity, Deplar Farm in Iceland provides the perfect retreat. Nestled in the remote northern reaches, this luxurious lodge offers exclusive heli-skiing experiences. Picture yourself dropped at the top of a pristine mountain with untouched powder snow, guided by experts. After a day of thrilling descents, unwind in one of the world’s most exquisite lodges, far from the demands of everyday life.

Cultural Immersion: Bespoke Tours in Historic Cities

Dive deep into the cultural richness of iconic cities with our bespoke tours. Imagine Rome beyond the typical tourist trails, where our expert guides bring ancient history to life. Explore underground chambers where old Rome still exists, revealing a side of the city few ever see. This is an immersive experience perfect for those who wish to understand the depths of Rome’s storied past, making history come alive in a way that is both engaging and enlightening.

Culinary Masterpieces: Gourmet Journeys in the Nordics

Foodies will find nirvana in the Norwegian fjords with our exclusive Suite Dining experience at Iris restaurant. This six-hour culinary journey begins with a boat trip from Rosendal to the Salmon Eye, an extraordinary art installation. Here, under the guidance of Chef Anika Madsen, you will savor an 18-course Nordic cuisine experience that engages all the senses. It’s a dining adventure like no other, set against the backdrop of some of the world’s most stunning natural scenery.

Thrill of a Lifetime: Adventure in Style

For those who crave high-octane adventures, our Suite Ride experience in Scotland is a must. Drive the country’s best roads in a supercar, dine at top-tier restaurants, and stay in Scotland’s finest hotels. From the rugged Highlands to the serene islands, this journey is about luxury and exhilaration in equal measure. It’s an unforgettable way to explore Scotland, combining the thrill of the open road with the comfort of exceptional hospitality.

Wellness Retreats: Rejuvenate and Revitalise

In a world that never stops, finding time to rejuvenate is essential. Our Suite Retreats offer a holistic approach to wellness in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. Whether it’s focusing your body and mind with expert coaching, indulging in traditional Chinese healing, or experiencing Ayurvedic treatments in a spiritual setting, these retreats are designed to restore balance and vitality. Locations like SHA Wellness in Mexico, now offering sunshine alongside their renowned wellness programs, provide the perfect escape for rejuvenation.

Wishlist for 2024/2025: Dream Destinations

Finally, our team of travel experts have handpicked their personal top destinations for 2024/25…

  • Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana: Embrace the cowboy lifestyle in the breathtaking landscapes of Montana, ideal for spring and summer getaways for all the family.
  • Amandira in Raja Ampat: Set sail on Aman’s luxury yacht, complete with your own Dive Master, and explore the vibrant marine life of Raja Ampat.
  • Ananda Wellness in the Himalayas: Take a journey you’ll never forget and hike through the majestic Himalayas and finish your journey at Ananda Wellness, a sanctuary for the soul.

At Suite DNA, we don’t just offer trips; we create memories that last a lifetime. Each of these destinations and experiences is carefully curated to meet the highest standards of luxury and exclusivity. We work directly with senior management teams and owners, and have access to exclusive VIP benefits and preferred hotel partnerships, which enable us to provide exceptional service when booking your trip.

P.S. If 3 nights in a stunning Paris hotel or 7 nights in a summer resort with the family is more your thing, we also arrange simple trips, so wherever your heart is calling you to, we’re confident we can make your dreams a reality.