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An Education in Adventure! The Ultimate Family Getaways

By Jenna Jones

With travel restrictions easing, there’s no better time to talk about family getaways. Here at BBB, we believe that education can come in many shapes and forms and one that makes us particularly excited is travel. A world of magical experiences far away from the classroom that can enrich young people’s minds and bring families closer together.

So, in that vein, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most sought-after educational adventures provided by two of our incredible travel partners plus some handy resources to ensure your trip of a lifetime is smooth sailing all the way…

Big Wide World

If you’re searching for an out of the ordinary adventure for your family look no further than Big Wide World. As seasoned professionals in creating timeless moments and memories, Big Wide World will help even the most experienced traveller see the world anew. Big Wide World also put heavy emphasis on conversation and giving back, weaving it into each of their unique experiences.

Origin of Species

The Galapagos Islands, arguably the world’s greatest outdoor classroom and the first up on our list. From shark tagging in unspoilt oceans and getting involved in front-line conservation work to walking the lands that inspired Darwin, ignite a love for nature that will never die. The Galapagos Marine Reserve is home to the highest concentration of sharks in the world and it’s the islands’ incredible shark life that forms the centrepiece of a travel experience as moving as it is educational!

Astronaut Training

Yes, you read that right! Experience Star City, where you will train as astronauts do when they prepare for the exploration of space. This is no theme park; this is a real-life training station for astronauts readying to embark on a voyage to the international space station orbiting the earth. You will be joined throughout your training by a former Commander of the ISS for a travel experience like no other.

Igloo Building in the Arctic

Experience Igloo building in the Arctic, the most forbidding region on earth. Immerse yourself by living like the Sami tribe of the Lands of the North. Get closer to the real arctic as you follow in the footsteps of polar explorers from a bygone era. Learn the art of igloo building, go cross country skiing, or perhaps, most thrilling, enjoy the adrenaline rush of a RIB boat ride past a glacier! Big Wide World also offers guests the opportunity to get involved in vital local research projects and ocean clean-ups to ensure your artic experience is extra worthwhile.

For bookings and any other information, please email Nicola at Big Wide World.

Coral Tree Travel

Coral Tree understands that not all classrooms have walls and pride themselves on curating educational African safaris that will impress the entire family. Founded by parents and Africa experts, Tess and Mike Kelly, Coral Tree provides a bespoke service tailored to the needs of each individual family.

Giraffe Manor

When people think safari they think Giraffe Manor, which is why it’s top of our Coral Tree list. A magical place where giraffes visit for breakfast, a stay at Giraffe Manor is a one-of-a-kind experience unrivalled anywhere in the world. The grand stately old home is full of character and families will marvel at how close and personal the experience is. What’s more, the manor also supports the endangered Rothschild giraffe, making it the perfect place for children to learn about wildlife conservation.

Sarara Camp

Situated within the 850,000 acres of pristine wilderness that make up the Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, Sarara Camp is a very special place indeed. For families looking for a truly unique experience, Sarara is a place of wonder. Its blend of experiential tourism and conservation focus make it an undisputed forerunner in the world of sustainable tourism. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in Samburu culture, visit Kenya’s first community-run elephant sanctuary and head out on horseback with local Samburu guides.

Lewa Wilderness

One of Kenya’s most beautiful and well-established lodges, Lewa Wilderness, established in 1972 and set in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, is still the family home of the Craigs, who live in a part of the main house where guests are also welcome. Perfect for families with teenagers, activities at Lewa include tennis courts, riding stables and of course the most phenomenal game viewing spot. The lodge also has a retro yellow biplane, used for scenic flights over the plains!

Coral Tree understands that now more than ever it’s important to book with a company you can trust. Read details of their book with confidence promise.

For bookings and any other information, please email Mike at Coral Tree Travel.

Travel Resources

Travelling Tutors from Minerva Global

For over 8 years, Minerva Global has provided a growing international client base with world-class private tutoring, homeschooling and family concierge services. Tutors can be placed anywhere in the world on short or long term assignments. Families who are travelling from country to country or holidaying can hire a tutor to join them (either in person or online) to catch their children up on any lost learning due to coronavirus, ensuring they’re well prepared for school, even if they’re halfway across the world.  Minerva has particular expertise in operating in sensitive geographical regions and handling complex personal situations, with client confidentiality always guaranteed. 

Additional private staff such as close protection officers, maternity nurses and yacht charters can be sourced through their unique family concierge group. Comprehensive remote support covering all time zones is provided from their London HQ. Tutors are UK education-system qualified and are ready to travel at a moment’s notice.

For all travelling tutor inquiries, please email Laura at Minerva.

Travelling Nannies from SORTED

BBB’s sister company SORTED recruitment are also a great option if extra staff requirements are needed for your ultimate family getaway. SORTED understand the importance of privacy and can work quickly and efficiently to source travelling nannies/mannies and private chefs for your vacation. Unique requirements are welcomed by SORTED who can guarantee a quick turnaround providing the exact person for the role, including specific languages and local knowledge.

For all travelling nanny inquiries, please email Nicola at SORTED.

Fit to Fly PCR Tests from Pyser

Are you and your family fit to fly? As we continue to navigate life during the pandemic, most countries have implemented travel restrictions to ensure the safety of their citizens and to stop the spread of the virus. Allow Pyser to take the stress of the situation away with their Covid-19 Fit to Fly PCR test. Simply visit a Pyser clinic or book a home visit, take the pre-flight test and travel within 72 hours. Pyser tests are over 99% accurate in detecting the RNA from coronavirus and are conducted by a CQC certified company and laboratory, adhering to Public Health England guidelines.  

For all PCR Test inquiries, please email Richard at Pyser.