A wealth of opportunity
BBB is an exclusive members club available to over 5,000 senior management and support staff of High-Net-Worth private clients.

Collectively BBB’s ex-directory Members manage hundreds of millions of pounds and they rely on the Battered Black Book to find truly exceptional suppliers that meet the high standards their employers demand. Members’ enquiries include a mix of the luxury and the practical – covering travel, household, entertainment / leisure, family, financial, business, gifts and more. A Battered Black Book listing raises awareness of your brand among our Members and their principals.

In addition, BBB Partners benefit from:
  1. Access to full BBB Club Membership benefits, including discounted rates, upgrades, and more
  2. Direct contact with Members and the ability to respond to their real-time enquiries through the BBB newsfeed
  3. Proactive marketing to Members via the BBB app
  4. Opportunities to collaborate with like-minded BBB Partners
BBB Members embody a like-minded community, connecting movers, shakers and gatekeepers from the arts, entertainment and creative industries, along with private clients and family offices.
Karen, London
Connecting movers, shakers and gatekeepers from the arts, entertainment and creative industries, along with private clients and family offices.
Mike, Moscow
In exclusive company
Battered Black Book listings are by invitation only, with a limit on the number of suppliers competing in the same sector

Without exception, our suppliers are the very best in their field – premium services and brands with whom we have symbiotic and reciprocal relationships. Many of these outstanding businesses have secured their inclusion courtesy of Member and Partner recommendations. Others approach us directly with glowing reputations for the services or products they provide. This due diligence results in the guaranteed quality our Members demand, with subsequent ongoing referrals and repeat business for Partners.

Exceptional standard
To make the most of this exciting opportunity, we ask all Battered Black Book suppliers to adhere to the same professional standards

We ask that Partners:

  1. Produce considered content for their BBB listing
  2. Provide a direct point of contact
  3. Offer preferential rates and/or added-value benefits to Members
  4. Reply to enquiries promptly with the highest level of customer service
  5. Respond appropriately should there be any cause for complaint
  6. Disclose all referrals and commission from BBB introductions
Return on investments
Exceptional opportunities for all Battered Black Book listings

As the gilded version of an indispensable Rolodex, Partners can reach over 5,000 BBB Members. Each Partner listing is enhanced through a unique company profile, including images/video and exclusive value adds. We provide a dedicated Account Manager, an extension of your Business Development team, who will proactively promote your brand or business by:

  1. Publishing new Partner introductions to Members
  2. Actively monitoring our network’s private social media groups to drive enquiries your way
  3. Ensuring that Partners are tagged in relevant Member posts, notifying them of any new opportunities
  4. Raising awareness of Partners within the BBB Club and publicly through our monthly promotional schedule
  5. Making B2B referrals with other BBB partners
  6. Engaging with Partner social media channels across BBB’s platforms
  7. Sharing seasonal offers, news, awards and promotions/ competitions
  8. Creating opportunities to host and attend events to engage with Members
BBB registration form
We're delighted to invite you into the BBB Club! So that we can best create your BBB listing and ensure that you're best represented and promoted, we ask that you complete the form below as thoroughly as possible.
- Quarterly Partnership Fee - £250 (+VAT)
- Referral commission for introductions
Subscription can be cancelled at any time