BBB Members embody a like-minded community, connecting movers, shakers and gatekeepers from the arts, entertainment and creative industries, along with private clients and family offices.

As a Member of the BBB Club you can connect directly with the Invest UK team and become a part of the exclusive community whilst taking advantage of all the other incredible BBB benefits.
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  1. Access to exclusive contacts across all business & lifestyle sectors
  2. Insider knowledge from industry experts
  3. A host of preferential rates, unique offers and discounts
  4. Exclusive invitations to events from Invest UK, BBB and other BBB Partners
  5. Club discounts and corporate rates from brands in the BBB Boutique
  6. The opportunity to recruit talent from the BBB Club
  7. An encrypted private app that doesn't require a Facebook account
  8. Connection to a wider community of members
+ Can I propose members to the BBB Club?
Yes you can. Membership to the BBB Club is by application or personal recommendation only. When completing the online application form on the BBB website prospective Members will be asked to provide the name of who originally proposed BBB to them.
+ Is Membership to BBB tiered?
No. All areas of the BBB Club are accessible to all Members.
+ What's the cancellation policy?
Members are free to cancel their subscription at any time by emailing info@thebbbook.com.
+ Am I going to get spammed with Partner promotion?
No. While BBB Partners are permitted to promote their products and services within the Club, we respectfully ask them to do so sparingly or if they have something new to share with the community. Notifications only come from us at BBB / Invest UK and we’re mindful to limit them too!
+ What's the cost?
BBB Club Membership is available as an annual subscription of £1,000+VAT.
+ Who are BBB Members?
BBB Members embody a likeminded community, connecting movers, shakers and gatekeepers from the Arts, Entertainment and Creative Industries, along with Private Clients and Family Offices.
+ Are BBB Partners vetted?
BBB has curated a compendium of the most talented specialists in their respective fields, selecting from only tried-and-trusted suppliers.
+ What is your privacy policy?
BBB Club Member’s privacy is respected and treated with the utmost discretion – the Privacy Policy is available on the app and on the website (scroll to the bottom of the page). BBB is a private club and all conversations within the app are confidential and direct messaging is fully encrypted.