1 Household - The Battered Black Book


For many of our clients maintaining a well-run private household goes beyond the weekly Ocado shop and means military-style precision, operational know-how and the ability to juggle multiple tasks at any one time. Thankfully, our Battered Black Book is teeming with important contacts that can streamline the process and make light work of the toughest challenges. Read our guide on how to run the tightest ship into smooth waters.

Find your place

If every home starts with a good foundation then look no further than The Anello. This new development, set within an iconic former warehouse in the heart of vibrant Camden Town, consists of 20 loft-style apartments and two Penthouses available to rent from October 2016. Fully equipped and with an extensive range of services, including an in-house concierge managed by yours truly, The Anello is the hottest new addition to London living.

For all enquiries, contact bbb@sorted-pa.com

Raise your capital

Mortgages – just the word can send a shiver down the spine! What if we were to introduce you to someone who can guide you through the jargon, simplify the paperwork and ensure you get the best deal around? Well, Morrison Ward do exactly that, making simple work out of the mortgage minefield for everyone from first time buyers, upsizers, downsizers, landlords and everyone in between.

Make your move

Regardless of whether it’s personal or business, moving house is sitting pretty at the top of ‘life’s most stressful experiences’. Our advice is to take a load off (literally) and leave the detail to the experts, which is where our friends at Bespoke Moving Solutions come in. Whether it’s shifting an office across London, relocating an entire family to the other side of the globe, moving priceless antiques or beloved pets, they have got the whole experience perfectly packed and ready to go.

Dress your assets

We all know that some strategically placed artworks always make the right impression, but if you don’t know your Andy Warhol from your Wassily Kandinsky the whole purchasing process can be somewhat daunting. Gloucester Room is an independent art advisory firm who specialise in modern and contemporary works. Aside from helping you choose unique pieces, suited to a given space, they’ve got in-depth knowledge of the art market, ensuring that an investment is both beautiful and lucrative.

Compile your stock

Forget about property, art, jewels and cars, the investment trend of the moment is something close to all our hearts – wine. With specialist knowledge that goes beyond cracking open a good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on a school night, Amphora offers a completely bespoke service covering everything from auditing an existing collection, to personal consultations, ensuring a portfolio is balanced and full of flavourful profit.

Finish your touches

Peonies, roses, hydrangeas or orchids, nothing says home like a vase of beautiful, freshly cut flowers. Unfortunately, for many of us that course in floristry (and the time to daily peruse the flower market) remains nothing but a pipe dream! Flowerbx is an online store that sells curated, fresh flowers, hand-picked by in-house specialists direct from the flower markets in Holland to your front door. With the click of a button, the finest, ready to arrange, stems will be delivered as often as you need – success has never smelled so sweet.

Protect your passion

It doesn’t need to have turrets and a moat for your home to be your castle. As one of life’s most significant financial investments it’s essential to protect every precious commodity and prized possession. Lark Insurance are the experts in dealing with Private Clients and ultra-high net worth individuals. They will provide a made-to-measure solution that will suit you down to the ground.

Source your dream team

A perfectly presented pile of bricks and mortar is one thing, but finding the right staff to keep it looking in showroom condition is entirely another. At this precise moment SORTED are in the process of placing a Russian speaking travelling nanny, a dedicated housekeeper-come-dog-sitter and a multitude of live-in chefs – primed to concoct mouth-watering dishes on a daily basis. Basically, whatever the need SORTED are the people who can find your perfect match – no swiping necessary.

Contact SORTED to discuss your staffing requirements.

Service your staff

As you well know, SORTED know a thing or two about sourcing amazing staff for all your private household needs, but it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve got a ninja squad in place, we can introduce you to Plus HR – a savvy group of Human Resources professionals who take care of all the pesky admin, as well as the practical elements of managing and developing your dream team.

Arrive at your destination

There’s no doubt that owning a car in London can be more trouble than it’s worth – buying, insuring, parking, repairing, selling – it’s a high maintenance asset that can cause a real headache. Thankfully, the clever team at Spoke360 have made life a lot easier for the rest of us by creating a service dedicated to minimising the time, cost and hassle associated with being a car owner. The expert team can take care of everything for you, from admin, repairs, logistics, purchases, sales to everything in between. With Spoke360 you’re sure to get from A to B without a hitch.